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Looking for more moisture for dry hair?

by Tamu Watkins on 04/04/14

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by Tamu Watkins on 03/11/14

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"Find the Reason to be Empowered in your life"

by Tamu Watkins on 01/27/14

Self-Employment/Self Empowerment

 I ran a blog a few years ago about my reflection on self employment. Every once in a while someone writes me or shares information I feel I must share in some way. I love motivating people interested in becoming more empowered in their lives in the ways we can...

I've had several people tell me they didn't think in "this economy" it was a good idea to become self-employed, even thought it was their dream. To that I just want to say I can't begin to tell you how good it feel to be the one who gets to set the standard in my work place.

"I get the rewards and pay the cost to be the be the boss"

 It feels good to be able to look at the calendar and say I think I'll take a vacation in May this year instead of July or let me scratch off a mental health day next week. My son has a soccer game or it's my sisters birthday and I want to be there, so I'm ending my day at 4:30 today.

Being a business owner and seeing my business grow is one of the best decisions I made more than 10 years ago. Being self-employed is one of the best decision I made more than 15 years ago and I have never regretted a single day of my decision. I hope I can motivate those who need a reason to feel good and finally make an empowering decision to become self-employed and more Empowered even in this economy.


News on Bioten for growin healthy Hair

by Tamu Watkins on 01/17/14


You want faster hair growth and healthy, shiny hair? I recommend a hair vitamin

  1. Biotin is one of my most recommended hair vitamin!

Bioten is a coenzyme, in the synthesis of fatty acids and proteins. Biotin is necessary for cell growth. This is one of the key ingredients found in most hair vitamins. ( Vitamin A, D and E also Key in hair vitamins)

I recommend Bioten for a Great support in growing healthy hair. Most Hair Vitamins have a concentration of Bioten  for support in growing healthy tissue which aids in hair growth...



From: Vitamins and Supplements Lifestyle Guide on:





Biotin is a coenzyme and a B vitamin and is also known as vitamin H. As a supplement, biotin is sometimes used for brittle nails, and other conditions.

Why do people take biotin?

Biotin plays a key role in the body. It supports the health of the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism, and cells.

Biotin supplements have been studied as a treatment for a number of conditions. Some preliminary evidence suggests that biotin helps strengthen brittle nails.  Genuine biotin deficiency is quite rare.

Pregnant women sometimes have low levels of biotin, so some take biotin supplements.

Hair Weaving

by Tamu Watkins on 03/21/13

Looking to add more length or fullness to your hair?

Our weave services include sew-in and bonded tracks. We also offer quick weave services, which includes sewing on wigs, Duby and Start 2 finish pack-weaves.

For more info on price and service visit our weave page or contact us at (425)265- 0785

Weave services are based on $55 an hour plus a basic service charge ($25 - $45) applies for removing weave and styling/cutting weave.

(Hair Before)


(Add pieces to your look to add volume & length)

In just a few hours fuller, longer hair

No one can tell it's a weave...

(After with pieces Added) 


For more details on weave pricing vsit our weave page

or call garpevine (425-265-0785)



Barber Cuts & Men's Style Care

by Tamu Watkins on 02/24/13

Barber Cuts Starting at $18.00 to $25.00

Men tend to wash their hair daily which can dry out hair and lead to damage.

Be sure to use a daily conditioner to help restore moisture loss and a leave in conditioner for restoring hairs natural health and luster.

      Some of our products great for men's care are:

  • Joico Moisture Recovery
  • Joico Daily Care
  • KeraCare Natural Textures

      Be sure to contact Grapevine Hair Salon for info on styling care



Thermal Styling

by Tamu Watkins on 02/10/13

Flat Ironing Natural Hair

 photo 0-flatrn-xb_zpsb3758bf7.jpg

One of the most requested services at Grapevine is flat Ironing.
If you are looking to keep your hair natural to go between a curly style and straight flat ironing is the way to go.
An important reminder with flat ironing, is conditioning and protecting the hair from the high temperatures needed to smooth the hair and prevent stress and breakage. 

Mizani Thermasmooth is an excellent product for thermal styling to condition protect and aid in the smoothing process.

*This month get 10% off Mizani products or buy the complete set and save $10

Grapevine Sale for January & February

by Tamu Watkins on 01/22/13


Get $5 off products or services when you spend $40.00 or more.


Valentines Day Sale begins 01/29/13 through 02/14/13

Now at Grapevine until 02/14/13 Be sure to "Mention Our Ad & Save"

  • Save $5 on style cuts for the entire family
  • Save $10 off Thermasmooth when you buy complete set
  • Save 10% off all products
  • Visit our coupon page

       These offers cannot be combined with any other offers



You can purchase Gift Cards right here on our site or come in to salon and purchase a gift card for a friend.

If you are on Twitter or FaceBook be sure to add Grapevine Hair Salon and stay up on news and savings.

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About Weaving Services

by Tamu Watkins on 01/18/13

Our weaving services: include adding human hair extensions. Bonding or sewing weave tracks. Weave services are based on a 45.00 an hour + minimal serivce charge. Bonding and sew-in service differ in price. Call salon for weave pricing.

Up keep/Tighten tracks 45.00hr

For more infomation call salon for details


Happy New Year Sale

by Tamu Watkins on 01/18/13


Add more mositure, shine and manageability to your hair. Joico Moisture Recovery System. Contains Hydramine Sea Complex, (rich in botanicals, amino acids and oils for ultimate moisture replinishment.

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